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The education sector is one of the best growing fields which are integrating cutting-edge technology like no other sectors so far. In the global pandemic of Covid - 19, concepts like online learning, E-Classrooms, Virtual Lessons, and Examinations turned out to be fuel for the education sector to keep going across the globe. No matter where any student-teacher/professor lives, with an internet medium all, get connected from Web-based and Mobile based applications and continued their journey without breaks just like usual days. For Learning Management Software, the year 2020 has given a boost like no other time ever in history.

In the year 2020, online learning turned out to be a new avenue in the Education sector. According to surveys conducted worldwide, online education has not only shown a great path of cost savings for educators but also proven to be an efficient learning platform for students.

e-Learning Services

Digital transformation in the education business stands for augmenting operations with better automation and structured process execution, to enhance the experience of users and meet demands by leveraging data and technology. In the education sector, the destined audience can be students, faculties, staff with direct and indirect stakeholders, parents, and other service providers associated with education firms.

e-Learning aimed at enhancement of the students’ experience
  • Allowing teachers to organize online classes with an easy user interface
  • Tracking student progress using technology and execution of interference protocols
  • Offering a huge spectrum of online learning alternatives
  • Enabling students for online admissions through web and mobile apps

RK WebTechnology is a software development company in India that is offering digital technology-based solutions for the education field. Our expert designers and developers are competent in serving any needs of web, mobile, or offline-based applications for the education sector.

  • We provide end-to-end designing solutions across any platform and make your user interface customized and friendly according to your requirements.
  • Our elite group of the Website Development team would love to walk an extra mile to imply your business logic and make it functional on a website application. With the development of the web-based application, we can ensure you that your complete education system and all stakeholders, and clients will be able to easily interact with your virtual firm/school/college/university/institute without any hurdle.
  • To address any demands for mobile-based applications, our mobile application development team would be all ears to listen to any of your needs and turning your notion of a mobile application into reality in the virtual world. We have dedicated teams for both Android and iOS Mobile Application Development.
  • Customized e-Learning Software solution.
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Personalized e-Learning Software Development Solutions

RK WebTechnology offers customized e-Learning Software Development where our experts take extra care about your requirements from present time and future envisioned image you have in your dreams about possible upgrades in education system. Our certified coders will help you to automate whole education process irrelevant to any size of your firm.

Learning Management System

Learning Management

Data Management System

Data Management
e-Learning Services Offered in Education Sector by RK WebTechnology Software Development Company in India
Student Management

Student Management System

Online Training

Online Training

Exceptional services for the online learning environment

Online Exam and Report Card
Online Exam and Report Card

The fundamental idea for the establishment of an Online Exam and Report card is to transforming the complete exam process into a digital solution.

  • Subjects Selection
  • Timer for every exam
  • Login ID Functionality for student and teachers
  • Security protocols and control on exam
  • Report card preparation based on answers submission
  • Acknowledgment via Email, SMS to students, parents, and teachers
Time Table Module
Time Table Module

This set of functionalities covers everything about the timetable.

  • Students Attendance
  • Teachers Attendance
  • Accomplished Online Lessons
  • Tracking of Progress
Data Management
Data Management

Here, students and teachers can upload/download data from web or mobile applications. This data can be anything like:

  • Learning Material
  • Project/Presentation Submission
  • Report Cards
  • Leave Applications etc.
  • Online Library Modules
Communication Channel
Communication Channel
  • Chats
  • Online Calls
  • Online screen sharing and group discussions
  • Online classes
  • Online Meetings/Conferences with parents and teachers
Events Management
Events Management

With an online event management system, staff members will be able to manage events and meetings easily.

  • Event Place
  • Event timings
  • Invitation to Parents, Faculties, and Students
  • Request Approval/Rejection management
  • Notes on meetings discussions
  • Transportation Management [Pickup/Drop]
Amenities Management
Amenities Management

It helps staff members to easily manage amenities within school/college/university premises.

  • Sports Equipment Management
  • Sports Areas allocation [with time slots]
  • Staff management system
  • Reporting System
  • Matches and Results Data Management

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