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Information Technology

Information Technology

As we can see from the definition, Information Technology is about using computers in daily routine to perform different operations to handle data. But in the 21st century, the term Information Technology is not limited to confine its operations through computers only. IT is about performing an enhanced set of operations executed on the bigger spectrum through enormous devices across the globe.

Nowadays a new term called "Digital Technology" is being used throughout online/offline platforms, for handling data operations. Businesses are using the "Digital Transformation" method, which is the process of using digital technology. Digital Transformation helps in the development of new business processes, culture, and customer experiences. It also helps in modifying existing setups in businesses. The fundamental concept of digital transformation is to help businesses in meeting changes in trends and market demands.

Characteristics of Information Technology

Information Technology grants tracing of information and data for better results


There are different ways of creating and modifying information in business. Information Technology grants users to examine and review information from any phase and also helps in a thorough investigation procedure by tracing individual parts of any piece of information that is being added, processed and in progress to produce expected output within defined time - frames.

Time slot

In Information Technology, every piece of information is scheduled with a dedicated time slot, from input to output. We can also debrief this, by saying that every process has a time boundary, and at the end, it’s a conclusion of the complete-time slot for retrieving information and make it available to the beneficiary.

Information technology has allotted a time slot in the processing of information for checking any delays
Producing quality result is one of the core reasons for the use of Information Technology. It maintains accuracy


It's one of the core characteristics of Information Technology, to maintain a good quality of Information, throughout its processes and produce accurate output as expected from different operations.


Maintaining transparency throughout processes and producing expected output that would be error-free, unambiguous, and clean from any confusion is what users expect while using Information Technology in the processing of data.

Information Technology helps to simplify complex processes and maintain transparency throughout data flows
Information Technology helps in validating and verifying data to maintain the quality of output data


Information Technology performs various checks. It executes processes within boundaries of predefined protocols to keep the quality and appropriateness of data/information intact, according to the requirements of users.


Information Technology services work through a broader spectrum at security perspectives and cover almost every possible aspects that are being demanded by its beneficiary.

Information Technology confirms that finally produced output will be complete and as expected from system
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Why does Information Technology matter?

Information technology plays a significant role in all types of businesses from small-scale industries to large-scale industries. Irrespective of sizes and types of business, Information Technology is now in function for handling lots of operations in diversified business verticals, and other prominent sectors like Education, Healthcare, E-Commerce, and Hospitality. One of the most well-known roles of Information Technology in companies is implementing communication. For a considerable amount of time Networks like "Intranet", "Internet" and "Email" have established a remarkable impact on the internal and external communication channels of an organization.

Information Technology can be a very useful and handy solution for many companies to perform operations like

  • Cost-cutting
  • Constructing Recognition
  • Enhancement of communication
  • Launching modern and smart products

What drives Information Technology?

As we have seen earlier, Information Technology is the term that refers to all types of technologies being used in the creation, storage, retrieval, transmission, utilization, exchange, conversation, manipulation, and all multi-media forms of communication of data or information.

The evolution of computer technology and the competitive business environment are two major factors driving Information Technology.

There are different forms of Information Technology being used by organizations to address and satisfy demands for better operations across the company.

A few of these forms are as mentioned below:
For facilitating communications
  • VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
  • Video conferencing
  • Webcasting
For Better Decision Making
  • Robots
  • Super Computers
  • Sensors
  • Decision Support Systems
To Speed up communication
  • Instant messaging
  • Email
  • Document sharing
  • Decentralized computing
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ROLE of Information Technology in the Modern Organization

Almost every business plan has Information Technology (IT) as an integral part of it. Information Technology has an important role to play from small businesses to large-scale companies. IT made a valuable impression throughout almost all business verticals. The fundamental reason for this popularity of IT and its demand exists due to the use of computer technology at a large scale across the globe. Almost any type of business is using computer technology to do its routine operations with better accuracy.

Different Roles of Information Technology

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Decision Making

In the modern era, it is tough to take any decision without doing insightful research. Everyday Business Owners, Managers in company and customers are taking lots of decisions from data available to them. These decisions are usually being taken by evaluating an elegant appearance of comparison charts, figures, information, and reports produced to them on their computer/mobile screens. This complete end-to-end process from collection of information, and using that information in the decision-making process, is being handled by Information Technology tools. E.g. currently, users are doing market research through search engines, blog data, forums information, group discussions, and collecting other information from in-person interviews by using Google Analytics, Big Data tools that share real-time information with high accuracy.

Improved Communication

Internal Communication [with employees]

Software applications like Video conferencing, Email, Instant messaging, Webcasting, VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) are truly turned out to be blessings for organizations to facilitate and speed up their internal communication channels and increase productivity with good interlinking among staff members from different places.

External Communication [with Customer]

Business owners know that to succeed in business, they need to understand what customers are looking for, what are their behaviors, expectations, and satisfaction levels. Effective communication channels bridge the gap between business owners and customers and help businesses in understanding problems and their desired solutions. By using internet platforms, Information Technology helps businesses to get engage with customers through channels like social media, digital newsletters, webinars, Chat applications, and emails. These real-time applications made it very convenient for businesses to get in touch with their destined audience and identify their expectations which help them to perform required changes in their operations to achieve better growth.

Information Technology enhances overall Internal and External Communication channels in company for better performance
Information Technology improves internal communication channel in business, it helps companies in amplifying productivity and profit
Information Technology improves external communication channel in business, IT helps companies in improving customers' experience
Information Technology helped business owners in doing needful changes in services by collecting right data from customers

Business Growth

With help of the Internet, business owners can get insightful information about the latest trends in the market regarding their products and services. In addition to this, they can accumulate information like what their destined audience likes and dislikes in their present offerings. From available information, they will be able to perform needful changes to satisfy their prospects in a much better way.

The Internet also helps businesses to establish omnipresence across diversified platforms, which enables companies to maintain customers' interests intact and stay connected with customers through different channels. Nowadays, there are lots of promotional platforms available, and all of them are being used by companies operating from small scale industry to mid-scale and large scale for promoting their services and products to the global market at economic budget, and also without any restrictions of geographical areas.

There are lots of online software and websites available to perform local and global marketing by filtering your destined personas based on their search behaviors, likes, and expectations.

Effective Routine Operations with Resource Management

Using IT software, companies and businesses can perform their daily activities with less human intervention and able to achieve high accuracy in maintaining quality data through organized automation systems.

IT helps to process and produce error-free data using effective validations, verifications, and produce quality output. It also boosts productivity in overall business operations to achieve better performance in the organization's routine activities.

When it comes to medium-scale or large-scale organizations, it's very difficult to manage available resources on big platforms. Thanks to IT software and applications, company management is capable to run a check on the availability and readiness of resources and fix errors immediately to avoid any delay in other processes depending on those resources.

Presently many systems like ERP, NetSuite, Dynamics 365 Business Central, Infor M3, etc. are helpful to companies in organizing processes and turned out to be effective for management teams, and also helped them in utilizing available resources to great extent in achieving overall organizational goal.

Information Technology helps to automate end-to-end process in hotels and tourism and utilizes all available resources
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